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About Us - Atlanta Custom Cabinets Contractor

Atlanta Cabinet Contractorart-ist-ry (n.) 1. artistic ability, quality, or workmanship. 2. The practice or occupation of an artist.

This is the work that comes to mind when I think of my grandfather. As a young boy we would visit my grandparents every summer in a small village outside of Stuttgart, Germany. What an exciting trip it was every summer. One of the fondest memories I have, other than the food, is my grandfathers workshop.

The old plank floor covered in wood shavings in some places almost five feet high. He was a proud man whom everyone seemed to know and respect. It would begin early in the morning with his announcement that he was going to the forest. If we wanted to go we had to get our coats. My brother, sister, and I would practically burst with excitement as we ran to his tractor.

All of his equipment including the tractor dated back 50-60 years. We would ride deep into the surrounding forest on the tractor pulling a large wooden trailor behind us. Most all of his tools were made of wood and built by him. Once we reached our destination he would scour the area to find the perfect tree. He had a true love of nature and only picked the ones that grew to closely so as to not negatively impact the delicate ecosystem.

We would then load it up in his trailor and head back to his workshop. Along the way Opa, as we would call him, would make numerous stops along the countryside gazing off. As children we would wonder why we were just “sitting there”. And when would we continue on our tracter ride.

As an adult I now understand he was surveying and appreciating the forest he so loved and depended on. Once back at the workshop we would watch in amazement as he would take thistree and turn it into everyday items like a broom handle, a door, or a chair, or whatever was needed.”Artistry” is what he had. He was a true craftsman.

Was it those earlyyears observing myOpa that gave me an appreciation for craftsmanship? It definently planted a seed. These qualities were then further nurtured from my father. He has always had a true passion for rehabilitating historic homes and bringing them back to their glory years.

With every project I create I strive for artistry. Which cannot be found in mass producedcabinets.My wife Valery and I runour business with the knowledge of how important our customers are.Most all of our business is by referral and we do all we can to maintain our excellent reputation. We look forward to working with you for all of you cabinet and woodworkingneeds.

Supporting Atlanta Local Education and National Organizations

BPCC proudly supports our local public schools. We are long term supporters of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, an organization that helps children who are battling cancer and disease. We also support Shriners Hospital for children. They offer free orthopedic and burn care to children under 18. Please contact these and other great organizations. Without our help, they cannot help others.

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